Advanced Drug Delivery Development Programs

EOS has identified and begun to develop a number of innovative drug delivery opportunities.  EOS plans to develop and commercialize the products that emerge from its technology platforms through corporate partnerships during its growth, allowing the Company to foster its innovations while reducing overall risk.  Corporate partnerships will also give the Company the ability to acquire complementary technology, marketing and distribution expertise, and support for products that it believes will have global commercial prospects.  The following tables summarize EOSí products and ongoing research and development programs.


Product/Active Ingredient


Bioadhesive Delivery Systems:


Local Delivery


  •  Antibiotics

Peptic ulcer

  •  Antifungals

Vaginal infections

  • Local analgesics

Dental anesthesia

  • Triamcinolone acetonide

Local treatment of canker sore

      Systemic Delivery


  • b-blocker


  • Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy

  • Metoclopramide

Anti-nausea and anti-emetic

  • Narcotic analgesics

Pain management

  • Nicotine

Smoking cessation



Transdermal Delivery Systems:


  • Estradiol

Post-menopause symptoms

  • Opioid peptides 

Drug addiction treatment

  • Testosterone derivatives

Male hypogonadism



Topical Delivery systems:


  •  Antineoplastic/immunosuppressant

Hyperproliferative skin diseases

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs




Oral Delivery Systems:


  • Poorly soluble drugs

Improve bioavailability

  • Peptides and proteins

Prevent degradation from GI fluids