Essencare line




Innovative Cosmeceutical Products

EOS has made use of its superior formulation expertise to develop the Essencare line to satisfy the significant unmet needs of the cosmeceutical market.  To date, an Essencoll line of ten collagen-based skin care products has been marketed by SunMax Biotechnology Co. in Taiwan and other countries.  Two cosmeceutical products, Body Slenderizing Cream and Slightness Liposomic Gel, have been marketed by Taiway International Co., a leading distributor of health nutritional and skin care products in Asia.

Essencoll Line
Slightness Liposomic Gel



Facial Cleanser

Gentle facial cleansing and moisturizing

Massaging Exfoliant

Non-irritating facial exfoliation

Facial Toner

Skin freshening and conditioning

Nourishing Cream

Skin nourishing and rejuvenating


Enhance skin renewal and elasticity

Natural Lipid Cream

Treat severe, persistent dry skin

Natural Lipid Lotion

Soothe and hydrate dry skin

Clarifying Gel / Reviving Serum

Treat oily, acne-prone skin

Brightening Lotion

Rapid skin tone lightening

Radiant Cream

Daily skin tone lightening and protection

Refining Cream

Energizing age-prone skin

Eye Renewal Cream

Revitalizing puffy under eye circles

Liposomal Slimming Gel

Body toning and refining

Innovative OTC Products

Innovative OTC Products



Cooling Roll-NO Pain

Penetrating cooling pain relief

Warming Roll-NO Pain

Odor-free warming pain relief

Roll-NO Itch

Insect bites, sunburn and skin irritations relief

External Analgesic Stick

Long-acting pain relief