Contract Research Services


EOS provides contract research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to further the development of conventional and novel formulations. Products that EOS has had a role in shaping are oral and dermatological dosage forms, and innovative systems for drug delivery through various mucosal membranes.

Spectrum of Services

EOS is committed to forging strong partnerships with clients through the sharing of resources such as intellectual capital and know-how, and laboratory equipment and procedures.  More specifically, EOS can provide its research partners with the following:

Dissolution Apparatus

  • Preformulation studies
  • Feasibility studies of various dosage forms
  • Formula optimization to improve stability, palatability, and aesthetics
  • Excipients and package compatibility studies 
  • Development of different formulation types including: gel, cream, lotion, ointment, solution, suspension, and solid dosage forms
  • Creating innovative cosmeceutical and personal care products
  • In vitro drug permeation and uptake study through skin or oral mucosal membrane
Skin Permeation System
Spray Dryer


  • Developing and out-licensing novel drug delivery products and technology
  • Providing contract formulation services including manufacturing process and scale-up development
  • Coordinating with outside contract facility for Clinical Trial Material manufacturing
  • Providing on site technical support during manufacturing of Clinical Trial Material, registration and validation batches