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The Company

Founded in 1996, EOS Pharmaceutical Corp. ("EOS") is an independent pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative formulations and delivery systems for ethical pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, and cosmeceuticals.  The Company is located in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, USA.

Our services and objectives:     

  • Creating innovative cosmeceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) products
  • Developing and out-licensing novel drug delivery products and technologies
  • Providing contract formulation services including manufacturing process and scale-up development
  • Coordinating with outside contract facility for Clinical Trial Material manufacturing
  • Providing on site technical support during manufacturing of Clinical Trial Material, registration and validation batches

Innovative Cosmeceutical & OTC Products

Essencare Line
Essencoll Line
OTC Products
The initial focus for the Company is to develop unique excipients for cosmeceuticals and to design innovative drug delivery systems for over-the-counter (OTC) products.  As these products are expected to reach the market quickly with a minimum of regulatory approval processes, their sales and/or licensing revenues will finance long-term research and development programs. EOS has already launched several original lines of cosmeceuticals and OTC products.

Contract Research Services

Lab Facility
Our extensive expertise and laboratory facilities are available for contract research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. EOS can assist in the development and testing of conventional and novel formulations, such as oral and dermatological dosage forms and innovative systems for drug delivery through various mucosal membranes.

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Drug Delivery Systems

The long-term focus of EOS's research program is two-fold:

1) the development of advanced formulations for oral administration and topical application;

2) the creation of innovative systems for drug delivery through skin and mucosal (buccal, vaginal, and rectal) tissues.

 Our goal is to derive formulations and delivery systems that overcome the limitations of current systems, increasing efficacy, decreasing discomfort, and improving the quality of life.


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